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At Primo’s Boot, we offer a wide array of financial consulting, corporate services, and support services tailored to help businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of financial management and legal compliance in Timor-Leste. Our dedication to excellence, combined with our deep understanding of local and international regulations, ensures that we provide solutions that are not just effective but also sustainable and customized to our clients’ needs.

Financial Consulting and Accounting

From bookkeeping to tax reporting, we ensure accuracy, compliance, and strategic financial insights.

Management and Consulting

Offering business management support and financial expertise to navigate your business towards success.


Specializing in targeted audits to ensure compliance, verify financial information, and assess internal controls for peace of mind.

Corporate Registration Services

Ease your business setup in Timor-Leste with our assistance in corporate registration, industrial licensing, and economic activity consultation, ensuring a smooth launch and operation.

Other Registration Services

Navigate the complexities of motor vehicle registration, inspection, and driver’s licensing with our expert support, optimizing legal compliance of your accounting proceedures and efficiency.


From tourist to work visas, and residency applications in Timor-Leste to tourist/car visas for Indonesia, our comprehensive visa services ensure a smooth process for individuals and families.

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